Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams

Wedding Decision: Venue Preferred Vendor List vs Finding Your Own

September 08, 2021 Kelly A McWilliams Season 3 Episode 4
Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams
Wedding Decision: Venue Preferred Vendor List vs Finding Your Own
Show Notes

When you got engaged one of the 1st things you did was start looking for a venue.  Chances Your venue also gave you a list of vendors they love or VENDORS LIMITED TO THOSE WHO ARE PAYING THEM.  But, don't tell anyone I told you that.  Just kidding, we encourage you to ask your venue how they vet their lists, most are transparent about it.
Anyway, just as you found your venue on your own, you can also find your vendors and creative partners on your own via online research, recommendations from friends and referrals from vendors you have booked.  There can be risk in this and there can also be reward and that is exactly why Jordan and I covered this hot and spicy topic of wedding planning.

Jordan Oliveira-Heller is the owner of Suncoast Wedding & Event Leaders, otherwise known as SWEL. SWEL is a professional association increasing the networking and education opportunities for wedding and event professionals in the region, with the goal of building a stronger community that directly benefits the client. CLICK HERE to learn all about the fantastic SWEL members you could put on your radar.  Jordan created SWEL after many years in the industry as both a caterer and in wedding venue sales. Before starting SWEL, his most recent post in the wedding industry was at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, a world class museum and wedding venue.

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