Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams

Wedding Decision: Using standard or included vs upgrading with rentals

September 01, 2021 Kelly A McWilliams Season 3 Episode 3
Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams
Wedding Decision: Using standard or included vs upgrading with rentals
Show Notes

The list of items that you can upgrade or add to your wedding is endless.  What comes standard or included at your wedding venue is not so much.  In fact, its limited.  To make things a little harder for you, often you don't realize what isn't included that you need!  Ugh; I know.  In this episode, Kehrin and I tackle as many items as we could think of so that you know the pros and cons of using what comes with your wedding package and how to plan accordingly for what doesn't or what is below "standard"  considering the wedding design that you want to put into place.  How to plan your wedding and how to design your wedding are hard enough, I'm glad to share some of this insight.

About the co-host: Kehrin Hassan is an international planner and designer who founded Jet Set Wed, a Wedding and Event Design company based in South West Florida’s Gulf Coast.  As a multi published designer, her extensive experience is not inhibited by her effortless understated and organic designs that will last the test of time. Her talents lie in discovering a clients style and recreating it in a celebratory space in a way that is absolutely their own. In her over 15 years of event experience she has designed large scale International corporate events for a Fortune 500 company, assisted in executing celebrity weddings abroad as well as designed over 600 weddings and events from coast to coast.

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A vet of the wedding industry, Kelly knows how incredible a wedding can be. She creates  from scratch and believes every moment counts and every decision plays a part in what makes your event magnificent. She believes in making events beautiful AND fun.  Published & recognized locally, nationally and globally including Martha Stewart Top Wedding Planner, Brides magazine and WeddingWire's best podcast. Home is in SWFL with husband Kelly J , mom to Maddy & Emily and dogs Reau & Olive.

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