Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams

Marriage or Mortgage Netflix's New Reality Show

March 10, 2021 Kelly A McWilliams Season 2 Episode 2
Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams
Marriage or Mortgage Netflix's New Reality Show
Show Notes

Marriage or  Mortgage, Dream Wedding vs Dream Home
In this bonus episode I had the opportunity to interview Nashville wedding planner and the star of the new Netflix series Marriage or Mortgage. I hope you will never have to decide between the 2, but in this episode its all about the fun of reality tv.
I was able to preview episodes before they premiered on Netflix today (March 10, 2021) and I will tell you this. I could not tell at all who would choose what. I was VERY tempted to fast forward to the end to see what each couple would choose and was shocked by some of the results. Watch a few episodes today and let me know what you think!
I do love that there is a new wedding television show for all of us who are engaged or professionals in the wedding industry; there can never be too many right?
Huge congrats to fellow wedding planner Sara Miller on her new status as Celebrity Wedding Planner!

Before I forget! Here's your link to a  resource I created just for you! 175questions you'll need answers  to to make sure you're prepared for your wedding day. $17 through March 17, $25 starting March 11th!

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Kelly knows how incredible a well planned wedding can be. Every moment counts and every decision plays a part. Wedding planning should be fun and as easy to do as possible. Besides planning weddings, Kelly travels the globe as an industry speaker. Kelly is a Martha Stewart Top Wedding Planner & this podcast won Brides magazine and WeddingWire's best podcast.

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