Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams

This vs That Wedding Decision: Destination vs Home Town wedding

January 10, 2021 Kelly A McWilliams Season 1 Episode 25
Wedding Planning Decisions, This vs That with Kelly McWilliams
This vs That Wedding Decision: Destination vs Home Town wedding
Show Notes

There are 88,345 reasons to have a wedding in your hometown. There are 88,345 reasons to have a destination wedding literally anywhere else in the world.  The great thing is that Kehrin and I can pretty much list them all out for you in this one talk.  Grab a pen and notebook.  There are so many benefits to each that you might even consider a bit of both (which Kehrin and I are both here for).  In this episode as usual, we will talk through all the things we've learned while planning over a thousand between us! No matter where you get married, your experience can be great and it should be at the forefront what feels best to you and be decided when considering what is most important to you and your fiance.

Kehrin Hassan is an international planner and designer who founded Jet Set Wed, a Wedding and Event Design company based in South West Florida’s Gulf Coast.  As a multi published designer, her extensive experience is not inhibited by her effortless understated and organic designs that will last the test of time. Her talents lie in discovering a clients style and recreating it in a celebratory space in a way that is absolutely their own. In her over 15 years of event experience she has designed large scale International corporate events for a Fortune 500 company, assisted in executing celebrity weddings abroad as well as designed over 600 weddings and events from coast to coast.  She works closely with her equally talented husband, Jason Teeters of Jet Set State who builds entrepreneurs from the ground up as well as homeschools her two toddlers Marra & Kesh, named after the location in Morocco the two were married.

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Kelly knows how incredible a well planned wedding can be. Every moment counts and every decision plays a part. Wedding planning should be fun and as easy to do as possible. Besides planning weddings, Kelly travels the globe as an industry speaker. Kelly is a Martha Stewart Top Wedding Planner & this podcast won Brides magazine and WeddingWire's best podcast.

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